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Pipe Relining vs Replacement

You might wonder if replacing your pipes is better than relining them.

A valid question. But in almost all cases, replacement is the inferior repair method.

I will outline below as to why pipe lining wins in almost every scenario.

Pipe Relining

Pipe Replacement

Costs spent on labour - pipe relining
Costs spent on labour - pipe replacement

Drain Unblocking vs Pipe Lining

Another question we get often is whether it makes financial sense to upgrade with sewer pipe relining or to just get the drain unblocked proactively or reactively. While this may seem to make financial sense, practically it makes none and in the long run could cost much more than remedying the problem right away.

While at first glance it may seem financially attractive to reactively clear your drains when they block up, you run the risk of the pipe further deteriorating. This can potentially happen to a point where it is beyond repair. Should this happen you have no choice but to dig. Potentially costing many times more than relining all whilst you have no sewer pipe while works is being carried out.

Considering pipe relining costs are orders of magnitude cheaper than conventional repairs, smart money is on pipe relining.

Pipe relining is not only stronger, faster and higher quality than replacement. But it comes with convenience of quickly being installed with no disruptions and minimal fuss to the properties occupants.