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Pipe Relining
Specialists in Sydney.

We fix pipes with our no-dig pipe relining technology.

We can repair underground or hard to reach pipes in next to no time, with minimal disturbance to your property.


Pipe relining is light years ahead of replacement

A blocked drain

No More Blocked Drains

Most drain's fail at joint's. Our pipe relining product is seamless and bonds directly to the host pipe, leaving less possibility of failure.

Pipe Relining Sydney

4X Stronger than PVC

Our pipe liner is designed be tough. So tough that it's up to four times stronger than a brand new pipe. Pipe relining is an upgrade & everlasting solution.

Experienced Pipe Relining Technician

Experience At Your Service

Whilst domestic relining has only been around for 15 years, some of our staff have been doing for over 12. That's pretty handy when there is no room for error.

CCTV Drain Camera

All Work Is Recorded

As all of our work takes place underground, it’s important that you are informed about the state of the pipe before and after trenchless pipe repair works.

A before image of a relined pipe An after image of a relined pipe
Demonstration of pipe relining

The right product for the job

We use a variety of the highest quality fabrics, resins & systems that best suit the job. Where other reline companies might adopt a one product fits all approach, we are experienced in multiple techniques.

What can our technology repair?

Sewer & Stormwater

Fire Services

Copper Pipes

HVAC Systems

Water Mains

Concrete Pipes

Gas Services

Pool Pipes

Property Connection Seal Offs

Simple. Innovative. Smart.

Compare our Pipe Relining Technology

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Replacement (a.k.a digging)

Other Reline Products

No digging needed

Down Stream Hole Required

Can reline bends


Can reline junctions

Can reline any size pipe

N/A 100mm + 150mm only

Can reline any type of pipe



50 Years N/A 30 Years

* Our 50 Year Warranty explained

We are so confident in our pipe relining technology that we give you a 50 year warranty on all pipe relining work undertaken by Maida.
T&C's apply.

Trusted by home owners and big companies alike

Ready To Discuss Your Pipe Relining Job?

Sydney’s leading provider of underground pipe repairs and pipe relining technology. Maida delivers affordable pipe relining services to customers all over our city.

Our trenchless relining technology can repair fix damaged sewer pipes, & stormwater as well as pressure pipes such as fire services, copper, pool pipes and just about any other type of hydrualic service. We have installed the technology into homes, offices, airports we have even installed it on boats.

Maida has built a highly skilled team of pipe lining specialists with a broad range of experience in all things trenchless. This means that we can provide expert consultation and solutions for issues as simple as a blocked drain or as mission critical as 24 hour operations as a casino or a Highway. We can help you getting a second opinion on pipe relining costs, or Give us a call today, you’ll speak directly with a lining expert right here in Sydney.