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How much does pipe relining cost in Sydney?

Detailed schedule of our pipe relining costs in Sydney.

100mm (standard house drain) 150mm (standard multi-dwelling drain)
Set up costs $2500 $2600
Per meter $450 $550
Per junction re-instatment $750 $850
Labour Costs Included Included
Jetting costs Included Included
CCTV costs Included Included
1 year follow up inspection Free Free

We built you this pipe relining cost calculator,
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Anyone can claim to reline pipes....but only the best can do it with Nuflow®​

Designed in California | To Suit Australian Needs
"Drag-in" Inversion
Watermark Certified
Installer requires training & license
Can start and stop anywhere in line
Epoxy exposed & bonds to host pipe
No PU laminate between liner & host pipe
No PU laminate between liner & effluent
Junctions repaired to AS3500 standard
Entire junction repaired not just cut out
Product does not shrink or peel
Warranty issued by manufacturer
Warranty underwritten by insurer
Warranty length 10 years 10-30 years 50 years
Pipe Relining Cost Sydney
What factors affect pipe relining cost?

The cost of pipe relining varies depending on criteria such as:

  • Type of pipe
  • How many sections need repairing
  • Length of liners in those sections
  • Number of junctions
  • If junctions need repairing
  • Access into drainage system
  • Power and water onsite
  • Location of job
  • Risk involved in doing the repairs

Pipe relining costs substantially less than traditional excavation repair methods.

You not only save money up front, but you also gain long-term durability.

Pipe relining protects the longevity of your plumbing system and avoids the need for messy repairs by preventing against, root invasions and blockage’s.

Junction cut out is when branches/junctions are lined over and reinstated with a robotic cutter. This only repairs a partial section of the junction.

A junction repair is a custom made Y or T shaped liner that repairs the entire junction.

Continually using a high pressure water jetter to unblock a drain is impractical, contributes to making the problem worse, solves nothing & most importantly is wasted money. The defects will only get worse until a time where the pipe collapses and relining is no longer an option. The money allocated on jetting is much better off being put towards a permanent solution.

Compared to digging up and replacing the pipes, pipe relining is the most cost effective way to achieve a permanent solution. It is a much more environmentally friendly repair method and the lined pipe is 4X stronger than a new PVC pipe.

We ask that you limit the drain use as curing liners are essentially a big plug in the drain. Limited use will not affect the quality of the liner.

Set up costs are costs are the costs associated with doing the work. That’s labour, depreciation of equipment, management costs, licensing, vehicles & tolls etc.

Whilst our liners come with a 50-year warranty, they are independently tested to last beyond 100 years.

Most jobs can be completed within a day.

Nuflow is a true “no-dig trenchless system.” This means no holes, no mess, no remedial works when the jobs done.

How much does pipe relining cost per meter?

Pipe relining costs per meter is in the range of $450 – $3000 as it depends on the size and length of the pipe.

A 1m liner still has the same fixed labour set up costs as a 10m liner, so naturally doing a 1m liner is going to cost much more on a per meter basis.For eg. a 2m of 100mm costs $3450 (or $1,725pm) while 9m is $6,550 (or $727pm)

With this you can see how the cost of pipe relining per meter will vary based on the length.

More engineers choose Nuflow®​ than any other liner!
The Best Liner

Nuflow® liner is 4x stronger than it's nearest competitor. Tough as Nails.

The Best Warranty

50 years, backed by the manufacturer, underwritten by an insurer.

The Best Staff

Maida staff have been lining since the beginning of the industry. All we do is relining, we have got pretty good at it.

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Kaden FrenchKaden French
23:24 15 Jul 23
Maida provided me with an excellent solution. Their lining service was very... cost effective. They are knowledgeable and worked hard to resolve my concerns. They were also on time and finished the job inside the specified time frame an unusually good more
James KatreJames Katre
21:42 08 May 23
We had our clay pipes relined with Maida as we we were experiencing a lot of... problems with blockages, tree roots, collapsed pipes…Paul deserves more than five stars for his very professional workmanship, hard work and his awesome customer service. Paul and Joel worked very hard to get the job done properly. Paul promptly responsed all the questions I had. We feel very lucky to have you guys on our project. What more can you expect really with the 50 year warranty, annual free inspections and no digging mess!Cengiz from Pagewoodread more
Ezra WelchEzra Welch
15:20 30 Jan 23
Very happy with our decision to go with Maida. Was a big expense to us and i'm... sorry for all the questions before we decided to go ahead.Glad to see we made the right choice. It's been a month and everything is working as intended. Looking forward to our yearly inspection and seeing you again. Wishing you a great more
Freddie GrahamFreddie Graham
22:43 27 Jan 23
When they discovered the issue was actually with the council main, they told us... we didn't even need drain pipe relining and they would contact the council for us. They could have taken us for a ride. Very honest people and the easiest review i have ever more
Robert LeeRobert Lee
11:10 25 Jan 23
The best reliners in Sydney. We got 3 quotes and we didn't know whos advice to... trust as we got sold 3 different solutions. The decision to reline with Maida was the only one that felt like it was a guaranteed permanent solution. Happy with the more
Pipe Relining vs Periodic Jetting

The recurring nature of drain cleaning are wasted costs as the root cause of the problem still remains waiting to block up again.

Periodic cleaning may seem affordable initially, but the accumulative cost of multiple call outs to unblock will eventually exceed the one-off investment in pipe relining.

With relining you can avoid the ongoing costs of frequent blocked drain call outs.

Every time a hydro jetter is sent down your pipe it adds wear to your sewer and has the potential to create more problems as extreme hydraulic forces are placed over defects in the pipe. Potentially making permanent repairs in future harder or not possible (in the case of a collapsed pipe)

Pipe relining can prevent future issues by reinforcing and strengthening the existing pipes. By creating a seamless, bond to the host pipe, our liner will repair all cracks, leaks, and prevent blockages from happening again.

While periodic drain cleaning offers a temporary solution to immediate problem, the problem remains awaiting a future call to a plumber who repeats the process over again until it eventually fails and collapses leaving you with only a digging option.

The money spent on pipe relining costs are the only $$ worthwhile spending when compared to periodic cleaning.

What makes a good liner?
What factors pipe relining costs?
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