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Repair Underground Pipes Without Digging

Ever wondered how to repair underground pipes without digging?

Well you’re not the only one. Thankfully no dig pipe repairs are a well established and proven method of repairing pipes. We have been fixing underground pipes without digging successfully for years.

The technology is called pipe relining. It can save you lots of time, money & be installed quickly, leaving you with a permanent solution to broken underground pipes.

What underground type pipes can we fix?

  • PVC pipes
  • Sewer pipes
  • Stormwater pipes
  • Clay / earthenware pipes

We can even repair underground pool pipes without digging. Our No dig lining system can repair pipe from 40mm to over 1m in diameter.

How does the system work?

  1. The drain is inspected with our CCTV drain cameras. We will locate the exact location of the break in the pipe using a locator.
  2. We then measure the amount of lining required to repair the underground pipe
  3. Whilst the camera is inside the drain we will push to an exit point in the line in order to tie a rope on and pull back through
  4. Once the measurements are confirmed and a rope is in the line, we will then impregnate a felt liner with a 2 part epoxy resin
  5. An inflatable bladder is pulled through the (now “wet”) felt liner and roll up and taped to keep tight and secure for transport through the pipe
  6. Using the ropes in the line we pull the liner into place and check its position with our camera in the line
  7. The liner is inflated and left to cure until rock hard
  8. The bladder is removed from the inside of the pipe, leaving the newly installed liner behind which has bonded to the host pipe
  9. All work is checked with a cctv camera and recorded + handed over to you.

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