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Frequently Asked Questions About Pipe Relining

Working with Maida

We serve all of greater Sydney and for larger projects all of NSW.

We are a standalone, specialist reline company. We do not do any other plumbing work. We live and breathe pipe relining.

Along with being qualified plumbers, our staff all hold Nuflow installers certifications and undergo training annually to stay up to date with new procedures in relining. 

We offer free quotes for customers located near to our workshop. For customers located in regional areas quotes can be done either over the phone with supplied information or we can charge for travel costs only for a site visit.

The Install

Our liner is 10X stronger than PVC pipe and has a 50 year warranty. The majority of the costs associated with digging is in the act of digging itself, not the product you’re left with.

All work is performed by full time employed Maida staff, we will not send another company to perform any work on our behalf.

We proudly install the the exclusive and patented Nuflow system. It is the worlds strongest lining system and only one manufactured in Australia and has manufactures warranty.

Unlike other systems which claim to be “no-dig” yet generally require a hole to still be dug, our system, is truly no dig and does not require any hole at all.

We can the Nuflow install method, which is inverted liner on the matrix exo-bladder. This system allows epoxy to flow to the outside and fill voids cracks, sealing the liner to the host pipe and ensuring a good bond.

How a liner gets into a pipe, is as relevant as the brandof car your online shopping gets delivered in.

The only thing that matters is the delivered product.

The most important questions to consider are:

A) What systems does the installer have proficiency with?
B) What relining system is proposed on being used?
C) How much experience with said system does the installer have?
D) How long is the warranty & who is issuing it?

We are experienced with all relining technologies and offer all services when and where each system is best suited to the client. 

Most jobs are completed within 1 day


Warranty & After Care