How much does pipe relining cost?

Pipe relining cost per metre?

Pipe relining costs as little as $300 per metre (for smaller household pipe lining) up to over $1,200 (for larger civil pipe relining).

The overall cost for tenchless pipe relining comes down 3 major factors:

  • Size of the pipe

  • Length of section that requires lining

  • Total amount of junctions

It costs nothing for an over the phone quote

If you have been told your sewer or pipes need relining and you can supply cctv footage of the drain, we can quote you the pipe relining costs over the phone
If you do not have cctv drain footage of your sewer or drain, booking an inspection is quick and easy, simply call:1300844432.

Are all pipe relining products equal?

Simply put, no. Different liners are manufactured for different purposes.

Most pipe relining companies offer 1 product and then try to target that product's sweet spot in the market, for example, inversion lining systems are generally required to start lining from where the entry point into the drainage system is, whereas a pull in place patch systems can put any size liner in anywhere along the line.

Two different systems for different purposes. Pull in place patch systems are almost always cheaper on shorter length lining jobs. Conversely, on longer jobs, inversion is quicker and therefore cheaper. We have experience and install many different systems depending on what the scenario is and what the best outcome for our client vs costs. We can present you with multiple options.

Pipe relining vs replacement

The material we put into your pipes is actually much stronger than a new PVC pipe, and as it doesn't have any joints,it is less likely to fail in the future.

The problem with replacement of pipes is that all the costs are in the excavations and labour that comes with that, the cheapest aspect of this is the actually product being installed.

With trenchless pipe lining this is not the case, the product going into the pipe is designed by engineers to be an ever lasting solution to the problem. Guaranteed for 50 years.


Replacement (a.k.a digging)

Doesn't requires excavations

Install time

typically 1 day weeks / months

Time line is out of service

2-8 hours weeks / months

Doesn't require red tape

(dial before dig / change to council drawings etc.)

No damage to property


50 years 0 years

Trusted by home owners and big companies alike