Pipe Relining Costs Sydney

So, how much does pipe relining cost?

Pipe relining costs for most standard household drains vary depending on the size of the pipe. You can expect to pay around $450 - $550 per metre for normal househould sewer & stormwater lines.

Junctions will cost around $800 each for a standard reinstatment.

Set up and labour costs are variable & calulated on a per job basis. Expect to pay around $2500

  • 100mm diameter pipe = $450 per metre

  • 150mm diameter pipe = $550 per metre

  • Set up & labour costs ~ $2500 per job
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Maida vs the rest

Relining is all we do, and weve been doing it longer than almost anyone in Sydney.


Generic Relining Company

Specialist relining company

Exclusive product that requires license

Anyone can purchase their products

Force required to cause fracture

(In kilonewtons)

2.5kN 1.1kN

How much flexure at 1kN pressure

(How much does it bend)

6mm 38mm

Materials are designed for relining

Engineered specifically for relining Rebranded generic resins, felt & laminate

Where is the liner made?

Made under license in Australia Germany

Can Start & Stop anywhere in line


50 years 15-30 years

Warranty underwritten by insurer

Manufacturer stands behind product

Warranty comes from manufacturer

Warranty comes from installer

Why Maida?

Our technology & prices are light years ahead

50 Year Warranty

The Best Warranty

50 years, backed by the manufacturer, underwritten by an insurer.

Pipe Relining Costs

The Best Liner

Our liner is 2.27x stronger than our nearest competitor. Tough as Nails.

Pipe Relining Staff

The Best Staff

Some of our staff have been lining since the very begining of the industry. All we do is lining, so we get good at it. Rather than have staff be the jack of all trades, we train them to be great at 1. Repairing problem pipes.

Affordable Pipe Relining

Fast & Afforadable

As our liner is made locally, we can have any stock we need delivered overnight and as we dont have to pay international freight, import duties & exchange rates, we can pass the cost savings directly on to our customers.

A before image of a pipe relining in sydney An after image of a pipe relining in sydney
Pipe Relining Costs Per Meter

Who do these guys call for fast & affordable pipe relining? Maida.