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Pipe Relining vs Replacement

You might wonder if replacing your pipes is better than relining them. A valid question. But in almost all cases, replacement is the inferior repair method. I will outline below as to why pipe lining wins in almost every scenario. Pipe Relining Cheaper than digging Majority of costs are on finished product 10x stronger than […]

Repair Underground Pipes Without Digging

Ever wondered how to repair underground pipes without digging? Well you’re not the only one. Thankfully no dig pipe repairs are a well established and proven method of repairing pipes. We have been fixing underground pipes without digging successfully for years. The technology is called pipe relining. It can save you lots of time, money & be […]

Pay Your Staff Peanuts? All You Get Are Monkeys

Nothing says “I really appreciate what you do here” like paying the lowest wage possible does. I have worked in 3 different countries & 2 continents with well over a thousand plumbers in my 16 year career and I’ve seen both sides of the coin re: paying your staff well vs poorly. From the lowest paid job […]

The trials and tribulations of going it alone

  This is my 4th business. Well 3rd real one (I’ll explain later) I started this one the same way I started the others, with almost nothing. If I had 3 business prior, why did I start this next to nothing you ask? To explain that, I first of all have to give you a […]

How much does it cost to clear a blocked drain in Sydney in 2024?

A brief look at the nonsense that plays out on google search for blocked drain advertising in Sydney If you have ever searched for “blocked drain [insert your city]” you have probably seen a few ads like the ones above. Wow! what a great deal, for less than $100 you can get your drains unblocked, too […]

Worst Plumbing Mistakes of 2016

2016 was a big year, we were forced to endure another US election, a plethora of celebrities went toes up & lets not forget a certain gorilla that was slain in cold blood whilst zookeepers interfered with natural selection. All that nonsense aside, it was a big year for us plumbers too, there is never […]

Seattle Public Utilities

Pipers Creek Pipers Creek — which runs through Carkeek Park in Northwest Seattle — has been the focus for generations of local volunteers. Urban Creeks Legacy projects in the area include: 1. Pipers Creek Restoration was completed in 1999 in Carkeek Park. 2. Street Edge Alternatives (S.E.A.) Streets, a demonstration project using innovative drainage design […]